With a PhD in clinical psychology and a Global MBA, Glenn provides a unique combination and depth of expertise in human behavior, leadership and best practices in business.

Through a range of services, Glenn brings leading-edge transformational business practices and heart-based leadership skills to mission-driven leaders in both nonprofit and for-profit settings.  He is available for personal and business coaching and provides consultation services focusing on team building, scaling up, culture change and process improvement.

Glenn has worked with more than 10,000 clients representing nearly every industry, as well as the Department of Defense, the State of Arizona, the Veteran’s Administration, and academic, for profit and non-profit hospitals.  He has presented at conferences and has been invited as a guest speaker on topics ranging from memory and cognition, motivation, mind-body approaches to health, and the neuroscience of behavior.

Glenn’s work is driven by vision, passion, and a commitment to helping and serving others:

“In large part I’m doing this work because if I can help others navigate their paths more effectively and inspire people to behave in bolder and more outrageous ways, then perhaps together we can have greater impact in our communities.”