You’re passionate about what you do. You’re an expert in your field. Your people trust you to lead them.

If only that were enough. You’ve got to keep up with constant, rapid changes that challenge your organization’s capacity and growth—stakeholder demands, funding shifts, staff turnover, as well as shifting local, global, and socioeconomic forces.

These myriad day-to-day challenges can lead even the best leader to lose sight of the big picture; feel disconnected from what motivated you to start doing your work in the first place.

In order to fulfill your purpose­­—and your organization’s mission—you need more than passion and a vision. You even need more than the business acumen. You need the leadership prowess and personal management skills that have helped the most successful executives thrive and their businesses grow.

About The Program

Grow Your Organization, Grow yourself is an intensive 9-month learning experience for today’s leader based on best practices from the fields of psychology, motivation, neuroscience and business.

This course is designed to allow participants ample time to put into practice what they have learned.  It begins with a two-day kick-off, then follows up with for 4 one-day sessions spaced six weeks apart. In between sessions, practical exercises and selective readings will be assigned in order to keep the momentum going.   Participants will be encouraged to develop personal connections and interact via social media.  Throughout the journey, you’ll be challenged to grow and overcome obstacles, and move beyond current limitations.

Transform yourself from a stressed-out leader into an intentional leader guiding a highly-functioning organization.

Gain the skills the most successful organizations utilize and learn how to apply them to your own organization, including:

  • Proven business strategies for growing and thriving organizations
  • Leadership development tools for intentional, authentic, powerful leaders
  • Personal management techniques to remove personal and interpersonal barriers to success
  • Scalable change practices for yourself and your organization


Over the course of two years, I worked closely with Glenn on numerous projects. It didn’t take me long to see how his attributes significantly moved the team’s progress forward. Glenn is at once focused and empathetic, driven and judicious. His questions are deeply penetrating, but he also doesn’t hesitate to provide answers, when necessary. It’s this unique blend that differentiates Glenn from others and why I wouldn’t hesitate for a second working with him. Indeed, I hope I have the pleasure of doing so again in the future.
— Jose Queiros, Diplomat State Department

The program is designed expressly for executive directors, social entrepreneurs, and CEOs and owners of non-profit and values-driven organizations.

This program is for you if:

  • You are wondering how you’re going to steer your organization through challenging sociopolitical and financial times
  • You’ve begun to question whether you’re as effective as you could be
  • You at times feel so buried in the mud that you’ve lost track of the bigger picture
  • You’ve wondered what might be standing in the way of greater success
  • You know your organization could be doing more


Adopt results-based approach to development
Learn results-based business development strategies that the savviest executives rely on, and how to apply them to the purpose-driven organization.

Scale-up with intention
Learn the business strategies that help top-performing companies grow, identify internal factors holding you back, engage in exercises to sharpen your unique abilities, all while fostering measurable growth overall.

Foster effective partnerships
Evaluate your relationships with your executive team; design and create a plan to adopt more effective collaborative practice that assure all persons in the organization are aligned with core values, mission and goals.

Thrive as an authentic leader
Take an inventory of your strengths and weaknesses as a leader. Learn how, by bringing your whole self to your work, you ensure that you, your employees, and your organization can all prosper -- together.

Create a culture of accountability
Learn the steps you can take to shape a culture that promotes employee engagement and accountability -- at every level, from staff to board.  Learn how to help employees form effective teams.

Develop long-term strategies and audacious goals
Learn skills and approaches you can take back to your executive team and board of directors.

Evaluate decisions regarding use of cash
Address cash flow concerns, fundraising activities and whether your organization is optimizing donor and other sources of funding.

A Unique Approach

Many courses bring students together for a day or a week then send them straight back into the noise of daily life only to see their newfound knowledge and best intentions fade away. Students are inspired, but inspiration is not enough.

Our schedule provides opportunity for you to implement your new skills out in the real world, and to come back to process, together, what’s been learned. You’ll develop a deep sense of community with your cohort of like-minded leaders, and continue to learn from each other long after the course has ended.

In addition to group interactions, each participant will have the opportunity for a one-to-one coaching session with Glenn to discuss their personal concerns, goals, and obstacles.