Board Development and Retreats

Most people join boards because they are passionate about the cause.  Unfortunately, often roles and responsibilities are not clearly defined and expectations of and from the director are not clearly defined.   add in increasing demands for limited resources and too soon, frustration arises.


We offer a structured approach towards board development that INCUDES:

  •  Team building

  • followed by facilitation of open dialog and brainstorming during which goals are established. 

  •  strategic planning and visioning. 

  • A path forward is delineated and obstacles to fulfilling goals are identified. 

  • Strategies for overcoming the obstacles in a manner that everyone in the company/organization “buys in.”

  • Identifying both skill sets and temperament needed for additional board members


But that is the easy part.  The follow-through is the most critical component as often following retreats and strategy meetings, everyone leaves energized only to have daily challenges squash the enthusiasm.  To counter this tendency and to enhance accountability:

  •   scheduled follow-up sessions to reinforce the effective changes

  • tweak the strategies that do not work.