Building High Performing Teams

If in your organization, teams continue to struggle with lack of accountability, lack of respect, inefficiencies, or team members leaving.

Or even worse-teams defer to the person with the strongest voice, and members often agree without fully embracing the project or the approach simply to avoid conflict.

Then consider the following:


The problem with most teams is that they attempt to reach consensus far too quickly.

Turns out that what separates good teams from great ones has little to do with talent, ability, level of education, a strong leader and a lot to do with:

  • Developing trust
  • Equal participation among all members
  • Encouraging dissent and opposing views
  • Focus on a goal that’s bigger than each of the individual

In other words:

  • Leave the egos at the door.
  • Agree to disagree.
  • Spend more time at the beginning in order to have better outcomes at the end.

Some teams figure this out on their own.  Many don’t!

Our approach to developing high performing teams starts with evaluations of each member assessing among a number of factors

  • Culture
  • Personality
  • Preferred communication style
  • Tolerance for conflict
  • Personal and professional aspirations
  • Perceptions of the group dynamics
  • Attitudes and beliefs regarding working together

From there we engage in a series of interventions addressing all of the above factors, recognizing that change doesn’t occur overnight.  Hence we continue to work with your team over time, assuring meeting rhythms are adhered to and time is utilized more efficiently.

"Eighty-three senior managers from major firms estimated the 3rd largest waste of money in their companies was time wasted in unproductive meetings."  
Stop Spending, Start Managing by Menon &Thompson 08/2016