Coaching Process

My 3 step approach to coaching:

  1. We start with an initial no-obligation conversation to learn about you and your needs.  I begin by asking questions and listening to your concerns in order to design an approach that is personalized and customized to match your temperament, needs and goals. 
  2. There is no one size fits all approach.  Coaching sessions utilize proven strategies based on psychology, neuroscience and best practices in the field of business.  Frequency is tailored to your needs and schedule.  You will be guided through activities that clarify your values and at times challenge your beliefs in order to facilitate the alignment of values, goals, and actions. 
  3. At predetermined mileposts, we assess progress, alter goals and approaches as necessary, and address any concerns to assure optimization of efforts.

Common Questions:

Is coaching just another trend or is it really beneficial?

Yes and yes.  It is a trend largely because many people find it to be extremely beneficial.  Everyone faces problems that in essence they are blind to and the benefit of having a coach is to receive expertise and feedback we have difficulty reaching on our own.

I once worked with a coach and it sort of helped. I made some changes, but after a while I did not find it helpful.  What makes working with you different?

Differences in personality, approaches and experiences are often important in determining levels of success.  My approach is not a one size fits all and is customized factoring in learning and communication styles, goals and how people prefer to received feedback.  Additionally, my success is determined by your success and in order for this to be life-changing for you, I am willing to broach the difficult topics and address obstacles encountered.

What is it that really results in change-the coach, the techniques, or is it simply that I’m paying money so I’m more motivated to make changes.

All of the above are critical factors.  Consider personal fitness. Anybody can go to the gym and work out, but most find that working with a personal trainer increases the likelihood of success.  There are many ways to become more fit, but some approaches produce more rapid benefits and a more knowledgeable trainer measures your progress and makes changes accordingly. 

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