Executive Coaching

I provide coaching to a select group of leaders, or aspiring leaders.

For some the need is to have someone to bounce ideas off. They get stuck, bogged down, aren’t clear on the way forward.

Some clients find that challenging their thinking, their underlying assumptions unleashes insight and creativity. Others want to develop or refine skills and strategy, or build healthier working relationships.

Still others want to utilize what’s worked for others in their own lives, or in their organizations.

Regardless of the motivation, my approach to coaching builds off strengths and success. Helping you do what you do best, better.

My Approach: Our interactions will be based on honest and forthright communication. If your efforts are counterproductive, I am going to suggest more effective actions. I’m not here to judge. My role is to help you see more clearly what is working, what isn’t, and how to move through barriers and stumbling blocks.

How it works

We start with an initial conversation to learn about you, your needs, strengths, and frustrations. And to be certain working together is a good fit.

I’m a big fan of mutually agreed upon outcomes, recognizing that where we end up often looks very different than it did at the outset. We build a framework founded on purpose, values and goals so as to have principals that guide action and decisions.

As one of my core values is to Be Helpful, from time to time we assess progress, alter goals, if need be, and address any concerns that come up. If what we’re doing isn’t working, we will change it, or if need be, go our separate ways. I expect you will hold me as accountable as I hold you.

Have questions, looking for more information, or want to initiate a conversation? feel free to e- mail or schedule a call.

“You have to recognize that you have blind spots. We all do. Blind spots move, and you want to not just have really bright people around you, but people who will push on you and people to bring out the best in you. People that amplify whatever you’re good at.”

Tim Cook in an Interview with The Washington Post 8/13/2016