The Evolving Workplace Podcast

Welcome to The Evolving Workplace Podcast:  Join as  we explore how to cultivate the best in people and teams as workplaces innovate and navigate the ever changing demands as organizations evolve and thrive.

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1. Emotional Safety In The Workplace

What is emotional safety and why does it even matter? Some of the examples and responses may surprise you!

2. Emotions In The Workplace

In this podcast, we explore the purpose of emotions and how they can be used in more productive manners.

3. Love (Purpose) At The Center

Whatever is at the core radiates out throughout an entire organization. In this podcast we discuss how getting clear on purpose results in profound impact.

4. Three Legs Of Emotional Safety

Emotional safety is not an end goal, it is a foundation for more productive workplaces. Learn what is necessary for establishing emotional safety.

5. Communicating Trust

We explore how to communicate trust and real-life examples of the benefits of doing so.

6. Cooperation and Teams In The Evolving Workplace

Many organizations are discovering the power of replacing top-down management systems with cooperative team approaches. We discuss ways to create higher performing teams.

7. Inquiring Questions In The Workplace

Learning more about the people who work for, and with you, is a powerful technique to build rapport and trust. It can also provide insights as to how to best work with challenging and disruptive employees. Learn some tips and techniques to broaden your influence while building loyalty and respect.

8. Conflict Avoidance at Work

Unfortunately, conflict comes with work. We often avoid conflict as a way to conserve energy. Yet, long-term, the cost of doing so can be enormous. In this podcast, we explore the psychology and emotional components of conflict and how it can be channeled in constructive ways.

9. Disruption: What Most Organizations Get Wrong When Creating Change

Most leaders fail to recognize how important disruption is to a company’s growth. We explore ways to embrace disruption and move through the pushback that comes with any change initiative.

10. Steps to Overcoming Fear in The Workplace

As with many other emotions, most go out of their way to avoid feelings of fear. Paradoxically, doing so increases the likelihood of experiencing exactly what we attempt to avoid. We discuss some novel ways to manage fears that naturally arise in our work loves.